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Friday, June 11, 2010

Helen in TN and at the WBHOF Induction ceremony, plus a little birding, Pt. 3.

Had a lovely time back up in the Smokies this AM - and got my bird, thankyouverymuch!

Afterward, continued up the road to do the very scenic Cades Cove 11mile loop. Saw lots of baahr walkin' about munchin' on grass and such. Saw a LOT of turkey. We're talkin' wild turkey, not farm turkey. (Or this Wild Turkey.)

Now, what's interesting to me is that good ole Ben Franklin wanted the Wild Turkey as our national bird 'cause it's so wily. But the birds hanging around Cades (As in Katies, but with a "d") Cove
are downright sittin' ducks for Thanksgiving dinner.

Swung by the WBHOF and crossed paths with the world famous Mechelle Voepel, who was prepping for her time on "She's Got Game," and tracking down T Edwards for an interview.

Also got a quick hello from Karen Tucker, she who must be obeyed at the WBHOF, as I picked up my credentials. Did do zoom-through the Hall, pausing at the spectacular Red Heads caddy. Wowza.

Zipped to the hotel to change from "birder" to "blogger" and now must scoot back to beat the traffic and make sure I get a parking spot.

Will be bringing my camera and hope to be able to upload shots from the festivities later on tonight at this site.
It'll get prettier, I promise.