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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one staggered by the goings on at the .com. From Queenie:
I'm not even a Sparks fan, but words cannot express how wrong and MADE OF FAIL this is. OR THIS HOLY CRAP HOW HAS .COM NOT BEEN BESIEGED?

I started noticing this problem when I was looking up old Storm players. (As an aside, I really miss the automatic redirect; I could never remember how many spaces K.B. Sharp had, so I always put her in as Kristen Brooke Sharp, the name she was originally filed under, and the site would redirect me to the proper URL, and now it doesn't. Same deal with Suzy Batkovic-Brown.) The league's database is incomplete, and that's just assuming the data they have is accurate. Remember the Abilene Christian fiasco?

If this league were the age of the NBA or MLB, I'd be more forgiving, but is it really that hard to keep playerfiles handy? And let's not get back into boxscores... although how in the holy fucking fuck is Tulsa in a Houston boxscore?

The league's official site should be the first place to go for accurate, non-anachronistic information. If it's not, then you're encouraging people not to go to your site, and why would you want that?
You know, if I were an owner and I were wearing, say, a "Proud Member of the Women's Basketball Intelligentsia" t-shirt, I might get on the phone to the NY office and send some people to detention.