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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More from Mel (and I'm sure he wasn't the only one to say, "Cappie and Dee- together again" as the duo was...were??? was... named POW.). His transcription of this Leta Andrews moment...
Daddy had mounted a basketball in the chicken yard. I became a good shooter, but I want you to know I became a great rebounder. Everytime I shot the basketball I would follow it because you could imagine what it landed in.
...reminded me of another "learning to rebound" story:
It’s possible Carney-DeBord is related to Gie Parsons, coach at Division II Clarion University (PA) for 17 years. Back when cheerleading and gymnastics were the only sports available to high school girls, she used a mix of subterfuge and stubbornness to pursue her passion. “I would hide a basketball during gym class,” she admitted. “Then I told my dad to come and get me an hour after [gymnastics] practice was over. I’d then get the ball that I hid and I’d shoot in the auxiliary gym. Until the ball hit the floor. Then my gym teacher would come and kick me out.”