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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh, I'm liking Lynn Zinser of the Times. From the Above the Din
The whole major-conference realignment/world domination situation has turned into a bit of a dud, writes Gary Parrish on CBSSports.com, effectively doused by Texas’ greed, explains Andy Staples of SI.com, who also discloses the document that saved the Big 12. The new Pacific-10 commissioner, Larry Scott, was on the verge of rewriting the entire college scene, writes Dan Wetzel on Yahoo.com, but the establishment fought back, and no one is happier than the Big 12 basketball coaches. There are still some potential moves out there, with the FedEx chief Fred Smith apparently trying to buy Memphis’s way into a major conference, writes Ray Ratto on CBSSports.com. Money influencing college sports? Couldn’t happen, right? (You may stop laughing hysterically now. Seriously. Get up.)
Lynn also pointed me to Mr. Lobo (aka Steve Rushin)'s piece on How I learned to love the vuvuzela
There is no clear etymology for the word vuvuzela, but my guess is it derives from the Latin "vuvu" (blood) and "zela" (issuing from both ears).