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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Out of MSNBC (gosh -- remember when they hosted THE W message board?)

What would your morning be without at least one expansion rumor to chew on over breakfast? Downright un-American, that's what it'd be.
The latest round of expansion speculation involves the Big East, and not in the usual it's-about-to-be-eaten-alive way either. According to the sports director at WKMG-TV in Orlando, David Pingalore, both Memphis and Central Florida could be invited to join the Big East conference as early as next week.
Great, now I've got the Paul Simon musical phrase "I'm going to Memphis, Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee...." running through my head.

Actually, if the Tigers did join the BEast, it would at to the stable of ex-WNBA coaches: McFerrin would join Donovan, Coyle.

On a side note, since all this movin' and groovin' is being driven by football money, I'm wondering how the non-football coaches are liking thinking about scheduling. Football plays once a week. Basketball, for instance, two to three times a week. What distances are student-athletes being asked to travel, and at what cost to their academics and physical health? (Just as B.C. about how much they enjoy being part of the ACC)

Methinks the scheduling puzzle is about to get a tad more complicated.