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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick hits from tonight's Lib/Storm game ('cause I know Queenie will do a fab write up):
  • So, can we not have 12-year old girls with thin voices sing the National anthem? It makes fans nervous.
  • Yeah, we lost. But after an iffish start, it turned out to be a high quality, fun basketball game. Highly enjoyable, except for that "losing" thang.
  • The Donna was in the house, escorting the Roker, Al.
  • The gentlemen members of the Sue Bird fan club were in the house to my right. Boy, they can knock back the beverages.
  • Ms. Wright doesn't look like a basketball player, but she surely is.
  • Mini Mi is turning in a nice little season. She had an end to end run that involved avoiding the swinging arms of several green clothed trees that had me laughing my ass off and having Wizard of Oz/Trees throwing apples flashbacks.
  • Essence and Kia seem to be playing themselves into oblivion.
  • Ms. Pierson brought her Shock (Detroit edition) skills to the paint -- one offensive foul, one defensive foul and one throw down.
  • So, I saw these "Inaugural Season" t-shirts sponsored by Nespresso. They're kinda butt ugly -- especially the color green-t they chose. Maybe it's because the sponsor is a coffee maker company, but it sorta reminds me of Liberty "Foam Green" covered with a big ole coffee stain.
  • Of concern for Storm fans, LJ seemed to have banged up her other knee.
  • Sue had a sweet game, made all the more impressive by her dagger-in-the-heart shots.
  • If Nicole can avoid Ohlde-foul-a-minute syndrome, she might become a interesting all-around contributor.
  • Not that Blaze and company care, but a lot of the fellow season subscriber conversations start with "So, where are we going to be next season?"
  • Please, where's the JMac we loved? Can we please have her back.
  • So, the Lib are 4-6 and the Merc are (almost - JINX!) 6-5 . Wonder how Cappie's feeling about having her own team.