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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Richard Sandomir at the Times is kicking butt and taking names as he writes about something that hasn't escaped (NY) W fans:

The Liberty is fading from television.

Two years ago, the MSG Network carried 26 Liberty games. Last year, it televised 14.

This season, it has shown one. The next four or five telecasts on MSG have not been scheduled only because of the Liberty’s new sponsorship with the Foxwoods casino.

This shift in priorities at a media company like Madison Square Garden is astonishing.

It's funny (in an sort sad, I have a stomach ache kinda funny) that these kinds of decisions are being made on the eve of the Lib being exiled to Newark for three years and their current coach moving to Seton Hall.

Why funny? Because there's a somewhat odd and totally obsessive fan on the Rebkell boards that can't get near a keyboard without typing something about the new arena (slowly) being built in Brooklyn. They've been insisting that the W's coming to Brooklyn. Could it be that Dolan's indifference and Blaze's mismanagement will actually bring that pipe dream to fruition?

Oh, and PS: Have any of these people actually tried to watch the W online... yikes!

Well, dabnabbit! PPS: How am I supposed to follow my own advice and send an appreciative email to Richard if the addy provided at the bottom of the article gets bounced back as unknown! Curses, foiled again! Jere'? Help me!