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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

With the passing of John Wooden, ESPN Classics ran some of the UCLA games.

Some personal observations:
1. Oooooooo, those short shorts!
2. Wow, some sweet passing!
3. The "anti-dunking" rule was in effect and the fans hooted at Bill Walton for his faux dunk.
4. Oh, how old school: players raising their hands after the ref blew the whistle.
Speaking of officiating -- and how "uniquely poor" some claim women's reffing is, tell me if this sounds familiar: Stop crying foul
Officiating has been front and center in Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals. No one is particularly happy with any of them. Some of the criticism is justified. Some is not. You’d like to think the principals have all been around long enough to offer a fair and accurate assessment of what goes on, but, of course, they seldom do. There may be instances in the 41 years I’ve covered this league when a losing coach has admitted that the officiating has done right by his team, but I’m sure that total would be roughly equivalent to the number of Kendrick Perkins career 3-pointers.