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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ted and Sara grew up in Minnesota. After moving around the country for a decade, they moved back home to Minneapolis in 2004. Ted is a lawyer and law professor at William Mitchell College of Law. Sara is a law student. They have one daughter, Evelyn, who already has a sick crossover. You can email them at womens_hoops [at] yahoo.com.

You can read a bit more about Ted and Sara and how they started the blog here and here. You can read some of Ted's legal writing here.

Jessie grew up in Connecticut; she and Steve lived in Minnesota for seven years, and they now live in the suburbs of Boston. Their stable of favorite teams reflects this geography. They have three cats and one small child, Nathan, who is a Red Sox fan, but also likes womens hoops; his first-ever basketball game was a Lynx win.

Jessie is Blog Editor for Beacon Broadside, the blog of Beacon Press. Steve teaches literature at Harvard University; his short book of poems and prose about the WNBA is Shot Clocks, and his latest full-length book of poems is Parallel Play. You can reach them through their website. Since Steve is a) obsessive, and b) more energetic, their blog posts these days are almost invariably written by him, so email Steve (steve [at] accommodatingly.com) when he gets stuff wrong.

Helen arrived late to the women's basketball fan party and has been over compensating ever since. It all started when she walked into Madison Square Garden in 1997 for her first Liberty basketball game. To cover her ignorance, Helen's spent hours boning up on women's basketball history, and put together an extensive timeline that reaches back to 1892. You can find it at Kim Callahan's site here.

In 2000, dumb luck got her involved in writing about women's basketball. If you suffer from insomnia, you can check out Helen's articles at Kim's site or in her searchable blog-archive, Unintentional Journalist.

When she's actually earning a living, it is as a drama specialist in New York City. After 13 years as a teaching artist in the NYC school system, she was recently named Director of the CUNY/Creative Arts Team's Early Learning Through the Arts Program. Recently she blogged about her experience teaching in the United Arab Emirates.

You can reach her at helen [at] womensbasketballonline.com.

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