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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tonight's upset of #13 Xavier by Temple gives us the opportunity to review the latest ballot for the Maggie Dixon Rookie Coach of the Year Award as presented by the WHB.

American's Matt Corkery- Eagles (18-9, 8-4 Patriot)
Alabama's Wendell Hudson - (13-15, 1-12 SEC)
Arizona's Niya Butts - (10-15, 3-11 PAC-10)
Ball State's Kelly Packard - Cardinals (19-8, 11-2 MAC)
Boston College's Sylvia Crawley (16-9, 7-7 ACC) - on edit: As Mel reminds me, I keep on ignoring the "ROOKIE" part of the eligibility rules. We know Crawley coached Ohio - where Randall took over, so she can't be "official" list. Fortunately, this is the list as presented by the WHB.
George Washington's Mike Bozeman - (17-10, 9-3 A-10)
North Dakota State's Carolyn DeHoff (13-12, 10-6 Summit)
Ohio's Semeka Randall (10-15, 5-7 MAC)
Temple's Tonya Cardoza (19-8, 10-3 A-10)
UCLA's Nikki Caldwell (16-9, 7-7 Pac-10) - on edit - 'cause I'm a doofus.
UC Santa Barbara's Lindsay Gottlieb (17-9, 12-1 Big West)

P.S. If Graham were writing the game article on the Temple win, it might carry this headline: "Musketeers DisembOWLed."

I just kill myself....