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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Monday, March 15, 2010

Helen finds SI's Dan Shaughnessy condescending as well as uninformed: yep.

If you saw the first half of UConn's December victory over Stanford, you know that the Huskies are mortal: even the best team can't be taken for granted.

And if you've been watching the women's tournament, you know (apparently nobody told Shaughnessy) that upsets happen regularly; they may even be just as frequent as on the men's side, depending upon how you define "upset," or on what gets you upset.

Yes, there's a big favorite this year-- and if neither UConn nor Stanford win, there's going to be an interesting explanation-- but that hasn't been the case every year. Five years ago and especially four years ago, the champions were a genuine surprise.

As for more recent, undeniable upsets in the early rounds of the tournament, let's look at some number one and number two seeds that didn't reach the Sweet Sixteen:

In 2009, Rutgers (#7) whomped Auburn (#2) and Michigan State (#9) took out Duke (#1).

In 2008, well, some three seeds lost, but the Elite Eight was predictable.

On the other hand, in 2007, most of the two seeds failed to make the Sweet Sixteen. It was the season of Marist.

And in 2006, top-seeded Ohio State lost to BC (#8). Anything can happen, as the man said.

Finally-- don't forget last year's early exit for that other perennial overdog, Tennessee. The 2009-10 Summitteers have two losses, and Stanford is one: I'm thinking the Vols' 2009 early exit made a heck of a motivator for this year's team.